Why we need your help

We build our commitment to the health and well-being of children and families through a wide variety of innovative programs. Your help makes a big difference! There are many areas in which a gift to Mott can be transformed into health and comfort for children. Among them:

The Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund

Charles Woodson, former U-M football player, started this clinical research fund to support pediatric research.  While U-M is one of the top funded academic medical institutions by the National Institute of Health (NIH) – less than 10% of all NIH funding is allocated to support pediatric research.  Charles realized the groundbreaking work being done by U-M for pediatric research, and recognized the funding gap.  This research fund is dedicated to funding work in its earliest stages of development when ideas have the greatest potential for impact and innovation. LEARN MORE -

Child and Family Life

Our Child and Family Life Program nurtures young patients’ social, emotional and educational needs during a hospital stay. Playrooms, computers, music and art ease fear and foster healing. Support for the Child and Family Life Program means support of childhood – imagination, exploration, delight – for children who are fighting for their lives. LEARN MORE -

The Family Hope Fund

The Family Hope Fund started by Detroit Tiger Brandon Inge and his wife, Shani, aids families who need help meeting the costs of food, lodging and transportation to and from the hospital during their child’s treatment.  The Inge’s realized the financial strains that can occur for families with children in long-term care at Mott, and wanted to help make a difference. LEARN MORE

Many more opportunities exist to support specific programs throughout C.S. Mott Children’s Office.  Please contact the Children’s and Women’s Health Development team at (734) 998-7705 or e-mail mottdevelopment@umich.edu to find out more!