Corporations and Foundations

Corporations and Foundations have been a building block for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital since the very beginning. Starting with Charles Stewart Mott, for whom our hospital is named, we have been blessed with many community partners along the way. There are many ways for corporations and foundations to get involved that allow you to meet the needs of your organization and support Mott Hospital.

Corporate and Foundation financial contributions allow your dollars to be invested in a multitude of ways to complete your vision.

Cause Marketing allows a partnership between a business and a charitable cause to achieve a net gain for both organizations. Partnering with Mott allows you to align with a cause dramatically impacting lives in the community, while allowing you to build good will with your customer base. Sponsorship of any one of our fundraising events allows high visibility opportunities for your organization to show your support of Mott hospital and our programs. We will work to customize a program that works well with you and insures the recognition you deserve for supporting our cause. Encouraging your employees to give to Mott through volunteer time, giving campaigns and corporate matching shows your support of a cause that supports members of your organization every day just by being here. While many of your employees may not need the extensive services that our hospital provides – some will, and for others, it is an insurance policy.

For more information on corporate and foundation giving, please contact us at or call (734) 763-6154.